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Run a shell command on multiple servers over ssh simultaneously

If you have multiple Linux servers out there and have been managing them by hand, there's a better way. You have probably heard of Chef, Puppet, and Ansible, and might have heard that Chef and Puppet are a bit troublesome to get up and running. But there's a simpler way to just connect to a few of your Linux (or BSD) servers and run commands on them.

Example: Tell me what OS and version is running on all my servers

Step 1. Set up your ansible hosts file.

Quick version: Create the file named 'hosts' and put servername ansible_ssh_host=hostname in the...


FTP is the historically standard protocol for copying files from one computer to another over a network connection (TCP/IP, so any host on today's Internet, but it wasn't always the case). Many people including many developers learned how to use an FTP client on Windows in order to connect to a server and upload and download files.

Stop using FTP!

FTP is not secure for the same reason that HTTP is not secure and why there's a movement (Let's Encrypt) to move every website to use TLS, i.e. HTTPS instead of HTTP. The reason HTTP and FTP are not safe is that they are not...