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How to remotely connect to MySQL database running on a Vagrant box

While it's common to run PhpMyadmin on servers to manage MySQL databases on them, doing so can open up security holes and so many folks choose not to. But running mysql client from the command line can be painful for heavy use - although a quick "drush sql-cli" to connect to a Drupal database comes in handy. So let's say you are using Vagrant to create and provision your servers, whether local or in the cloud, and you want to use GUI tools to run queries on the database. Instead of opening up access to your mysql server to all Internet hosts and thus being vulnerable to...

Ansible tips and tricks

I wonder how many people in Vietnam know DevOps. Not everyone even agrees on what the term DevOps even means. There's no Vietnamese ops or devops community and very few people talking about it. But DevOps is something any full stack web developer needs to master nowadays, and it goes beyond being able to set up and sysadmin a Linux server.  Here I'll take devops to mean the procedures for setting up the servers which will run your organizations (web) applications, mostly in the cloud.

Ansible, Puppet, Chef: server orchestration tools using Ruby, except Ansible which...